Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hypothetical Moral Dilemma for you? 6/3/2010

When I was in Secondary School (Watsonia Technical School) in the early 60’s, the strongest drug around my school then was ordinary Cigarettes, so I missed out on ever having the opportunity to ever try Marijuana. Similarly, although it was definitely around the places I worked in, in the and 70’s and early 80’s, and I knew of people who possibly used it or had possible access to it, I never saw the need to try it at all.
Not even in the 90’s, which we spent in the Transkei area in South Africa which supposedly grew the best marijuana (Or Dagga, as it is called there) in the world, whilst still strictly illegal.
Now, shortly, my wife and I, will be going to Amsterdam where apparently smoking Marijuana is Legal. So my moral dilemma is, should I, just because it is/will be legal to do so, now take advantage of this legal opportunity to try Marijuana or not? After all I can legitimately say I am thinking of trying it to cure my ongoing and persistent headaches, thus giving reasonable health grounds for trying it?
Don’t worry, I am not seriously considering trying it, but was again struck by the irony that just because a thing is now legal, doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for you or that you must now rush out and try it, just because you can now do so legally. What say you?